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The Citizen - "CrestAquarium hopes to spark marine interest in Joburg shoppers." Unic Spider Mini Cranes Featured as part of the work-force that constructed the first in-mall aquarium in SA.


"The 75,000-litre tank mixed with 2,500kg of salt, simulate the iodized environment which the fish now call home, and includes corals and underwater plants. A far cry from what they are used to, to be sure, but at least Joburgers have a tranquil nose-to-nose escape from the hustle and bustle.

So, how does a mall as busy as Cresta manage to sneak in massive pylons and 50mm thick acrylic sheets? With great difficulty, with Bester admitting that although small, the tank had its fair share of logistics and funding issues in the years leading up to the eventual installation and it boasts being the first mall in South Africa to pull this off. Although it’s not clear if anyone has tried to install a massive tank in the middle of a mall before." The Citizen

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Check Out how the UNIC SPIDER MINI CRANE's uniquely suited capabilities made this colossal project possible :